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Thần đồng 5 tuổi tính nhẩm siêu tốc đáp án Phần 1

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MC: When did you start loving …(1)…numbers, Luis? That’s a shadow. That’s… I remember the first time I discovered mine. Could not believe this little …(2)…black boy couldn’t talk!

Luis: Uh, what did you say?

MC: Oh, nothing. Don’t worry about that. Are your …(3)…brothers and sisters – Are they good at …(4)…math?

Luis: Unh-unh.

MC: What about your parents? Is your dad good with …(4)…math?

Luis: Unh-unh.

MC: Could you …(5)…teach me numbers?

Luis: Uh-huh.

MC: They tell me that you know how to play the square game.

Luis: Yes, you just – you just times it by itself.

MC: What is 145 squared?

Luis: Whoa, that’s a high one. …(6)…21.025. Okay. This.

MC: No, you got it right. That’s…

Luis: Yes. That’s a really …(7)…big number, right?

MC: Can I try 162?

Luis: You got to say “squared”.

MC: Okay, one second.

Luis: The answer is… The answer is 26.244.

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